Get involved!

As you can see, the field of fair electronics is just starting. So everybody feel encouraged to get involved and contribute to the development of a fair electronics sector. Here you can find some suggestions how to support the fair mouse or the development of the branch in general. Feel also free to contact us for your questions, suggestions, ...

Support us on Facebook

That is the simplest way of support, just like it and tell your friends about it. On Facebook and in the real world.

Call on companies

If you feel like being more active, start a little campaign, where a number of people is sending messages to the big players (Dell, Logitech, Fujitsu, Hama) asking, why they actually can not manage to produce in a fairer way, just like NagerIT shows them. Ask the companies to change their way of production or their procurement policies, for otherwise you'd rather buy a fairer product like the NagerIT mouse.

Support the distribution of the mouse

Maybe you know sustainable shops that might be interested in our mouse, even if there is not much profit for them? Tell them about us
Or maybe your school, university, township, parish, employer, ... could be interested to use fair mice in its office? Send the person in charge our link or our flyer.

Create your own fair product

The more fair electronic gadgets are available, the better. This show the bigger brands that people really want this way of production.

Do NOT buy a mouse, for you still have one, but...

Are you one of those people who really like the idea of fair electronics, and would really love to support the idea, but are still very happy with their existing mouse or maybe use a touchpad? Then we do not want to persuade you to change your sustainable lifestyle. However, you still can support our project, without increasing anybodys consumption: Once and a while we have the problem that interested schools, parishes, NGOs ... ask for price reduction so that they can procure some mice for their offices. Presently, we have not calculated enough profit for the mouse to be able to give much discount to these organisations. So the end of the story is usually that they buy other, less fair mice. To change this, from now on you can donate specifically for the discount for these willing organisations. In that way you support others in chosing the fairer alternative, so that in the end less unfair but more fairer mice are sold thanks to your support. -> Discount Donation.

We'd love to share our experience, if you have any problems, questions, ... feel free to contact us.