Bulk purchasers & public procurement:

When purchasing 10 mice or more, we offer you a discount. In addition, there is the opportunity for bulk purchasers to produce the mouse with your own logo (when purchasing 50 mice or more). If you purchase more than 200 mice, you may chose your individual color for the casing. Maybe also interesting for your office: On request, we can also supply you with casing for replacement.

We aim to sell our mouse to public administrations, due to their special function as role models. Having participated in discussions with relevant public procurement actors, we know that it is not always easy to go new ways in this field.

Even though competent authorities have publicly taken the decision to buy in a more sustainable way, the idea that the cheapest offer is the most sustainable, is the dominant belief causing unsustainable decisions. At the following link you will find a document in which we have summarized concrete arguments promoting fair public procurement (only in German). There you will also find indications to what extent conventional / "unfair" purchasing contradicts our societal guiding principles and laws.

Schools and other social institutions:

For schools and other social institutions, we offer special conditions. Since 2013 we are collecting donations of people who are not in need of a new mouse at the moment but feel responsible supporting social institutions to invest in our fair computer mouse. With the help of these donations, we are able to apply special conditions for such institutions . If you are interested, please contact us:

vertrieb [at] nager-it [punkt] de
Tel: +49 (0)157/ 5699 8229