Here, The Fair Mouse is already fair

The two final levels of the chain of production of electronics (i.e. soldering and final assembly) still require a considerable amount of manual labour. They are usually also the levels which are most often criticized for bad working conditions. Nager IT, on the other hand, can guarantee that in the production of The Fair Mouse the working conditions on these levels are entirely fair and the production itself is ecofriendly.

The parts of The Fair Mouse are put together in a special workshop in Regensburg, Bavaria, where mentally handicapped people are engaged with the goal to integrate them into society. They work under fair conditions – regionally and without exploitation of labour. Child labour is of course not allowed.

We buy all the components of The Fair Mouse from companies in Germany, Israel and Asian countries. Our partners are chosen according to their fulfilling our social criteria, which for us always rank first.

When looking at the entire delivery chain, we can with good conscience claim that today two thirds of our mouse are fair. This may seem little – and indeed we strive for at least 100 percent! However, it is by far the most fair electronic product that you will find on this planet. The difficulty that we are struggling with most is the complexity of the delivery chain: It comprises more than 100 factories and mines.

The following breakdown will give you a more detailed impression of which elements of The Fair Mouse are already fair, where there is still backlog - and also, where there can sadly be no talk of fair production so far. An even more detailed listing of our delivery chain you’ll find here. (pdf Lieferkette verlinken).

The following working steps and components are already completely fair:

  • scrollwheel (from regional woods)
  • manufacturing of the housing
  • screws
  • packaging, labeling,…
  • scoldering tin (by Fairloetet)
  • final assembly
  • mounting of the circuit board
  • circuit board

One raw material of the circuit board stems from an unknown source. Still, we consider the circuit board as “fair”, since here also the sub- and sub-sub-elements are produced under fair working conditions.

The following components are being produced under fair labour conditions and contain some fair sub-elements:

  • 5 resistors
  • 3 capacitors
  • 2 SMD capacitors
  • 2 electrolytic capacitors ("elkos")
  • LED

The raw materials stem from unknown sources. At least some producers guarantee us that they do not obtain conflict minerals from the Kongo. There is no coltan used for The Fair Mouse.

The following components are not yet produced under fair working conditions. We are, however, trying to convince the factories to change this:

  • cable
  • rotary encoder and switch

We do not know the working conditions under which the following components are being produced. This is why we label them as “unknown”. We assume that in all probability they must be considered “unfair”:

  • chip
  • lense
  • housing material
  • precious metals, except for scoldering tin and copper of the circuit board

We constantly optimize the delivery chain of The Fair Mouse with regard to fair labour conditions. For maximum transparency we regularly update our graphics which show most steps and publish it on!