The Fair Mouse by Nager IT

Fair Trade is a booming business. The idea has already conquered Europe - especially in the areas of food and textiles. And it continues to do so ever more. But what about fair trade and sustainability in electronics? Here, things look completely different! Fairly and ecologically produced IT-devices are absolutely rare exceptions. At most, energy efficiency and ecological production have gained some attention. Otherwise, there is just one rule: Companies buy what's cheapest and comes fastest. No wonder that lack of protection for workers, low wages and unpaid overtime are standard inside the factories.

So this is what Nager IT is about: We want to get to the bottom of things and change the circumstances in which IT-devices are being produced. Our first and foremost concern are the social aspects of the IT-industry. From the mining of raw materials, to their processing and assembling – all the way to the sale of the finished products.

Since the year 2012 Nager IT has continuously been setting new standards with The Fair Mouse. Almost 10.000 pieces are in use already – spread over the entire globe. This proves that sustainable hardware produced under fair working conditions need be no mere illusion.

And we do not stop here – on the contrary: We permanently strive for improvement. Thus, the newest version of The Fair Mouse is not only more appealing optically and technically more advanced than its predecessors: It is first and foremost as fair as it has never been before.

Already, the wooden scroll wheel, the production of the housing, the screws, the wrapping and labelling, the soldering tin, the final assembly, the mounting of the conductor board as well as the conductor board itself are entirely fair! This means: Every worker has been educated for his task and receives protective gear if needed. The wages are fair and there is no overtime without payment. Child labour is of course excluded from the beginning.

Capacitors, resistors and LEDs, too, are being produced under fair conditions and contain at least in parts fair components. In order to provide maximum transparency, we publish and regularly update the data of the supply chain on our website. You can easily check it out!

A further concern dear to us is the environmental compatibility of our products Thus, we can guarantee that our partnering workshops as well as 65 percent of all component suppliers adhere to good environmental standards. We also seek new ways with regard to the materials used: Our mouse has a housing made from bioplastics, whose basic material is obtained from sugar cane. It is 100 percent biodegradable and - just like the cable - free from PVC. The scroll wheel, moreover, is made from local wood. And if it should ever happen, that something with your mouse wouldn't work anymore, there is no need to throw it away: We can exchange each and every single part of it!

By the way: There are no cash-rich investors behind Nager IT. Nor do we get any support from any well-known computer firm.. Vision, development, production, sales and distribution of The Fair Mouse all center around Susanne Jordan. The geographer founded the start-up in 2012. Today she is running it in the little village of Bichl right next to the Alps in Upper Bavaria – supported by just a few helpers who work on a partly-voluntary basis.

You need more information on The Fair Mouse by Nager IT? Give us a call or visit us in beautiful Bichl.