Nager IT and the Environment

Our concept of a (partly-)fair mouse centers around the well-being of all men and women working in those mines and factories, that are part of our supply chain. Fair methods of manufacturing is our core concern! At the same time we aspire for a way of production, that is as ecofriendly as possible..

Our mouse has a housing made from bioplastics, whose basic material is obtained from sugar cane. It contains neither plastic nor genetically modified plants nor tropical woods. It is free from PVC and 100 percent biodegradable. More on the special production method you may read here (in German).

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Sadly, when it comes to the metals used in The Fair Mouse, we have hardly any choice – so far, at least. But when there are recycled raw materials available, we choose these. All soldering is done with recycled soldering wire by Fairloetet, for example, and our labels are made from 30 percent recycled plastics (law does not allow paper here).

For the production sites (components and assembling) we choose, if possible, only those areas where there are good environmental and social standards ensured. Thus, we can guarantee that our partnering workshops (assembling and injection molding) as well as 65 percent of all component suppliers adhere to good environmental standards.

By choosing locally produced components we avoid unnecessary delivery channels.

The design of our mouse allows for easy repairing. The housing is screwed, not glued. All components can be exchanged and are available as spare parts. This applies for the synthetic materials (buttons, housing, feet) as well as for all electronic parts. Moreover, even wastrel that accumulates in production is not disposed of. Instead, this is – wherever possible – repaired, too. To make this possible, we pay the workshop a somewhat higher price per item.

The mouse is packed only once: The shipping carton is designed in such a way that no filling material is needed. It is made from recycled paper – just like all paper supplements such as the bill, the manual of instruction and background information. We also avoid unnecessary paint and glossy coating for the shipping cartons and flyers.

In our headquarter we only use eco-power, recycled paper and of course our fair-and-eco-mice. Sadly, our partnering workshops do not work with eco-power, yet. But we keep commenting on this and try to bring about change in this respect, too.

For our homepage and our webshop we engage an ecological host. Nager IT’s bank is the GLS Bank, which supports social und ecological projects.

We have less influence on the way customers despose of their mice. However, in our supplement we inform them comprehensively on the importance of proper disposal and even guide them to recycling depots, where waste is treated the way it should be.