Nager IT and the environment

In the concept of the fair mouse project, at the forefront of our consideration stands the well-being of the mine and factory workers within our supply chain. Our central concern is a fair method of production. However, in the interest of sustainability, we also look for a business that is as environmentally friendly as possible.

The casing of our mouse is made of bioplastics. It's basic material is produced either (old version) from wood residues from the paper industry from European sources or from sugar cane (new version). Due to quality reasons we had to change to the new material. It contains almost no petroleum, no genetically modified plants or tropical wood.
In terms of the metals used we have a very limited choice. Preference is given to material made of recycled raw materials. Our labels are also made of 30% recycled plastics.

The casing and the cable of the mouse are PVC-free.

We choose production sites for the assembly and the components, as far as possible, in regions where good social standards are ensured. At our partner workshops (assembly and injection moulding) and at 2/3 of our component suppliers, we can ensure very good environmental standards in production. Since components are purchased regionally, we can avoid unnecessary delivery channel.
Our partner workshops are not yet using renewable energy on site. However, we keep addressing this issue and seek to achieve an ecological change in this field.

Our mouse is designed in such a way that it can easily be repaired. The casing is not glued but screwed together. All components are available as spare parts and can be replaced. This is true both for the plastic components (buttons, casing, feet) and for the electronic components. Rejected components or errors generated in production are not discarded, but where possible, directly repaired. To make this procedure possible, we pay a higher unit price to the workshop.

A simple packaging is used for the shipping of the mouse: a shipping carton with corresponding recesses avoids the need for filling material. Both the carton and the paper enclosures (invoice and manual of instruction / background information) are made of recycled material. We do not use any unnecessary ink or high-gloss coating for the carton design. The same is true for the flyer.

We use renewable energy, recycled paper and ecofriendly and fair mice at our headquarters. Our website and the internet shop apply ecological web-hosting.

We have less influence on the disposal of the mouse than on its production. However, in the package insert we provide comprehensive information on the importance of a proper disposal and suggest reliable disposal points.