The challenge

Even electronics are produced in "Sweatshops".

What does that mean? Underpaid work with extraordinary overtime and extremly hazardous, unhealthy working conditions.

extraordinary overtime

sweatshop scenery

What many people do not know: Computers, mice, smartphone and the like are to a good extend hand made. To keep costs down, this easily learnt labour is executed by cheap, easily replaceable migrant workers with no rights.

Little children, heavy metals

In many mines where the metals in our electronic devices come from the working conditions are so poor that they can be easily compared to slavery. Worst cases of child labour, affecting children at the age of primary school, are common.

Important metals: Tin, copper, gold and coltan.

Many economically most attractive mines can be found in Africa, for example Congo..

hard labour in mines

affected environment

Impact on the environment

To keep costs at the factories and mines down, environmental protection is not considered. As a consequence, the soil of the surrounding area is polluted and the land becomes unfertile..

The victims are local farmers who lose their base of living.

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