What does "fair trade" mean at NagerIT?

The goal of our project is to produce a mouse without damaging anyone who is involved in the production. In fact every partner should benefit.

Especially the following basic principles of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) are important to us:

  • Restricted working hours
    FAIR is if at least the directive of the ILO with a maximum of 60 working hours (including overtime) per week is maintained. Our production partners in Regensburg und Landshut have working hours of not more than 40 hours per week. Standard working hours in conventional electronic production are 70 hours per week and more.
  • Appropriate payment
    FAIR is an adequate payment, which allows a living without additional jobs and without overtime work.
    Many workers in conventional electronic production want to work overtime to increase their income in order to be able to make a living from it.
  • Health protection
    FAIR is if workers do not take any damage to their health due to their work. For example the inhalation of toxic gases is not a rarity in conventional electronic production.
  • Social security
    FAIR is when workers get long term contracts and do not have to be afraid of loosing their job if they are ill for a few days. In conventional electronic production this is anything but self-evident. Workers often do not have a contract at all.
  • Freedom of association
    FAIR is when workers have the chance to enunciate in one or another way.
  • Of course exploitative childlabour and forced labour are excluded.
  • Responsible delivery relations:
    We send our orders to our suppliers in time and pay an adequate price. This takes pressure from the suppliers which would press down on the staff. In addition we try to have long-term relationships with our suppliers. That allows the supplier a responsible planning and the realisation of good working conditions.

In contrast to Apple, Foxconn etc. we do not have a promising code of ethics/ Code of Conduct and we are not part of one of the countless half-hearted initiatives. Instead we really mean it and we work as hard as we can to have good working conditions in our production chain.