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Here you can order the mouse produced as fair as possible.

Price € 29,99 plus shipping costs € 3,– within Germany (2 mice € 4,–, more than 2 mice € 5,–) and € 4,– (more than one mouse € 5,–) to other European countries.

Delivery time: Within Germany, delivery time is approximately 1 week. Delivery abroad takes longer, depending on respective postal sevice in your country.

New: Office version

Especially for our friends working in offices with big desks with a very smooth surface (often used for example in universities): We have aestablished a new version (Var. 4) of the mouse for you with red LED, which is specially reliable on smooth surfaces, and with a longer cable of 1.7 m. The office mouse is available only in black and costs € 31,99


  • Third button: If you want we can install another button. In this case the scroll wheel can be pressed as a the third button. The electronics as well as the frame have to be adjusted to the third button. Therefore we have to charge an extra fee of € 3,–.
    If you want to order a mouse with the third button please put a mark on "third button".
  • Additional colors: (blue, yellow,...) can only be orderd in big numbers 200 pieces or more. Depending on the quantity we have to charge an extra fee. If you are interested, please contact us.

Order now:

Step 1 – Select number/design model

Bild von Variante 1


black frame, red buttons

Bild von Variante 3


red frame, black buttons

Bild von Variante 3


completey black

Bild von Variante 4


Office Mouse: red LED, 1.7 m
€ 31,99



white, 1 marbled button

Bild von Variante W


marbled frame
white buttons

Step 2 – Extras (optional)

Equip mice with a third button (plus € 3,– per mouse)

Step 3 – Delivery address

Step 4 – Billing address (optional)

Step 5 – Choose payment method

You will receive an e-mail for confirmation after sending this order. This e-mails contains all relevant data for bank transfer: total amount, our bank account, ... As soon as we have received the amount the mouse (including the formal bill) sets out.

Step 6 – Additional data

Explanatory notes, special orders, questions etc. (optional)

Step 7 – Accept our terms and conditions